Our Mission

Mind Muscles make you more effective as a trader, money manager or financial professional by building productive behaviors quickly. We tailor our Mind Muscles to a specific market, financial or personal challenges and use targeted simulations and exercises to create fast, effective and positive change. 

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What You’ll Learn

Our courses focus on the three critical areas of success. The first is subject matter knowledge. This is the stuff of the “real world.” The second is the methods and strategies that we use to achieve our goals. And most importantly we support the new behaviors you want to make use of the domain knowledge and strategies.

Who You Are

If you are a person who wants more out of your life, is not satisfied with “normal” then our courses can open new doors. These courses don’t just teach the information that is “out there” but concentrate on how you react, build and grow. In other words, you are a person that is willing to engage yourself to make changes that matter.


Training Methods

Mind Muscles™ takes a Mastery Methods approach to learning. We believed that successful new behaviors can be learned. To do this, we turn the traditional approach to education on its head. There is no failure, there is only success. We set up all the steps for you to becoming a master in your field. We do this with simulations and exercises that give you the ability to experience the exact Mind Muscles™ that fit your needs and goals

The Results

Can you imagine how you life would improve if you just eliminated your worst mistakes? What if you were able to take advantage of those opportunities that have “slipped” by you in the past? What if you were to behave like those successful people you admire? We are committed to opening the doors to your results.


“Mind, Methods & Markets” Course enrollment information

We are currently in a “closed” beta testing phase. If you want to be informed when the next “Mind, Methods & Markets” course enrollment is open, please sign up here and we will notify you when we are ready to go. Also, we will send helpful trading tips along the way.


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